Ursus Fitness

18 January 2016

[ If you need to 'up' your workout game this New Year, ] Located in Sai Ying Pun, URSUS Fitness is Hong Kong’s Premier Strongman Gym boasting an array of iconic equipment. The name URSUS, meaning Bear, derives from Latin reflecting the gym’s raw approach to fitness. 

Old-school is back and it comes in the form of tractor tyres, sledgehammers, kegs, atlas stones, sandbags, slosh tubes, log bars and much more. Ursus offers functional training at it’s finest, and funnest! The gym runs two forms of Strongman training, firstly Bear Camp which combines both strength and endurance; usually run in HIIT format involving movements such as tyre flipping, box jumps, ring rows, deadlifts, hammer swings and so forth. Strongman classes typically have shorter work periods with longer rest, much heavier in weight and lower in reps. Both are popular with men and women, members are of all different shapes and sizes so everyone is welcome!

Strongman as a sport dates back centuries and therefore it is no surprise that the primal movements such as pushing, pulling, squatting, carrying, and twisting feels so natural as these patterns are embedded into our DNA. Strongman has a huge carryover to other areas of strength training and is renowned for improving weak areas such as grip and core strength. 

The coaches understand that variety is key and so the fitness centre includes a full-sized boxing ring, punch bags, ERG rowers and Air Dyne Bikes. Both Boxing and Muay Thai Classes run morning, lunchtime and evening daily. Get Lean classes feature mid-morning which are structured to gain muscle and lose fat through use of weights and bodyweight movements. Ursus Fit classes are centred around the barbell but also are programmed to improve your endurance. The gym is equipped with an Olympic Lifting platform so look forward to learning such movements in these classes!

For more information on Ursus Fitness visit the website www.ursusfitness.com or call 2803 2774

Ursus Fitness 
64-68 Pok Fu Lam Road, 
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Written by Santina Philips