Travelscapes: Vietnam

7 September 2015

On a Monday morning, we want to be anywhere but here. If you're feeling the same way, this post is for you! Just because it is September, doesn't mean your inner travel bug needs to fall into the same ol' schedule as usual. September begins our Travelscapes Series - where we get to do a little bit of day dreaming, and a little bit of travelling. Get excited about some of these familiar travel destinations, always a great vacay - whether it is your first time, or ump--teenth time!  

This week's Travelscape: VIETNAM

Why Vietnam?
With Hong Kong tourists tiring of Thailand, Vietnam is quickly becoming a Hong Konger's closest 'go-to' country to explore. Packed with resorts, theme parks, a sky-car gondola system, pristine beaches, gorgeous temples, and neighboring islands - Vietnam has it all. Breathtaking landscapes, affordable luxury, and most imporantly - Vietnamese Coffee! [Yes -- we do a lot of things for a good cup of coffee around The Edge office.]

The Weather
This month the showers are lighter, however with the heat and the sunshine, it doesn't stay wet for too long. There will still be some cloudiness and some light rain here and there, but this means = cheaper flight costs and less crowds, perfect for those of you looking to get some quiet time with friends or your special someone.

This beautiful scene belongs to Ha Long Bay. Literally translated, this "Bay of Descending Dragons" is great for the traveller looking for some snorkelling, cave canoeing, and water sport action while in Vietnam.  A top tourist attraction in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay features thousands of islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves, others islands include lakes and some support floating villages of fishermen. Ha Long Bay is situated North of Vietnam and is always a great time! 

For Ha Long Bay Tours check out Kangaroo Café
This Aussie-owned tour company has been around for a while, and is great for those on a travel budget. They have a great reputation with travellers and the on board meals are always lip-smacking good! 

Also check out Buffalo Tours
Buffalo Tours is slightly pricier than Kangaroo, however they offer some great tours on some quality boats. If you're headed to Vietnam for a special occasion, or want to plan a honeymoon, Buffalo has some pre-planned packages and itineraries that are worth looking into. The seafood meals are delicious, including a decent wine list, and kayaking is included in the cost of the trip. 

Nha Trang
was one of the first cities in Vietnam to attract tourists to their beach city. With a raft of water sports available, from sailing and scuba diving to moonlight cruises. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two very popular pastimes, thanks to clear aqua waters, an abundant underwater life and colourful coral reefs. Beaches here are any beach lover’s dream with white sands, and many types of boat trips available to explore the surrounding islands.

Enjoy an abundance of roadside seafood eateries that run alongside the beach, all serving up a wide selection of seafood and shell fish. The many cafés and bars are favourite hang-outs for tourists to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and picturesque scenery. Bicycle tours are also very popular, or you can rent a cycle for a tour of the Cham ruins, local market and Buddhist shrines.

Check out the Sailing Club. They often host beach parties, evening entertainment, and also has a great restaurant to dine while on the waterfront. 

Po Nagar is just a short trip, north of Central Nha Trang, on the banks of Cai River. This is a great day trip idea for the culture seeker - built between the 7th and 12th centuries, these four Cham Towers are still actively used for worship by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists. The Cham Po Nagar temple complex (locally refered to as Thap Ba) is situated on a hill just outside the city, and is reached by crossing the Cai River from the main tourist stretch, a boat ride to remember!

Da Nang
, located in Central Vietnam is one of those incredible backpacking destinations that is unfortunately skipped by so many travellers who find themselves being short on time. TIP: fly-in or catch the train into Da Nang. This hip and thriving Vietnamese city has a lot going for it, and it definitely deserves catching some of your time. The Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son or “Five Elements Mountains) are a cluster of marble and limestone hills just 7km from the city of Da Nang. The mountains are full of caves, tunnels and Buddhist shrines. 

If you love documenting your vacations through your camera lens, exploring Hoi An, about 30km away from Da Nang, is another great escape! Best explored while on two wheels, renting a bicycle is too easy, grab your camera and some đồng and you've got a great day ahead! Hoi An has a cozy feel to it, the people are friendly, the restaurants are lovely and everything is super cheap! 

That's it from us. we leave you here with are our favourite pics of #Vietnam from #instagram - Happy Travels!

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