5 Fabulous Christmas Traditions

24 December 2014

ONE day till Christmas, what are your Christmas Traditions? Well if you don't have any, here are some of our traditions for you to share. 

1. Ditch the BIG Christmas eve dinner

Christmas is stressful enough.  You’re up late, getting up early, trying to make everything perfect… why add a huge Christmas Eve meal to that list?  Try getting your dinner delivered by one of the many hotels in Hong Kong offering Christmas Dinner specials, want something casual? then try a pizza party, or order take out.  Make it something special that you don’t do often.  That way you and your family can look forward to it every year.  

Another great idea - Belgian waffles with strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. It’s easy to make and easy to clean up.  If you still want to keep the big Christmas Eve dinner, think about moving it to the Sunday before Christmas.  Or, eat it off of paper plates. Cut yourself a break and don’t spend Christmas Eve doing dishes! No one will judge you. 

2. Go Swimming

Take your kids / family swimming at an indoor pool! Your kids will think you are the best parents ever, but little will they know that you are trying to wear them out (so they go to bed earlier/easier.)  The kids will love it, spend 2-3 hours playing in the water and then come home, eat waffles and crash. Don't have kids? Well then go out for a winter hike, do an activity. Getting out of the house and being outdoors for Christmas can be a great tradition to instill.

3. Christmas Lights

Before you go home, after you have had your day of activity, let me tell you about Hong Kong, there is always pretty lights to see. However every Christmas Season, Hong Kong outdoes itself. Pile into a cab and head on down and catch the Star Ferry. This time of year, Kowloon side, or Hong Kong side, you can stroll by the pier and and view Hong Kong wearing it's finest and brightest Christmas themed lights.

4. Christmas Jammies

I know a lot of families receive a pair of Christmas jammies every year.  Such a fun tradition! 1) It's always exciting because you get to open a gift on Christmas Eve. 2) You get pajamas that you more than likely needed, and 3) there is nothing like snuggling with new jim-jams on. 3 birds, 1 stone my friends.

5. Christmas Movie

There is nothing like a Christmas movie.  This is the perfect way to wind down on Christmas Eve.  Get your friends and family all settled down, next to the tree, sip some hot cocoa, and put in your favorite holiday flick.  Check out our latest post: '5 Christmas Movies To Watch This Season', for movie ideas. 

Have an Edgy Christmas Hong Kong!