About Us

THE EDGE  is Hong Kong’s newest networking interface. Our team here at ‘The Edge’ has created and will continue to grow a platform that is helpful and interactive for the user.

With our focus on Hong Kong, The Edge will bring monthly and seasonal events at Hong Kong’s hippest locations and trendiest tastes. We all know Hong Kong works best AFTER HOURS, where we will thrive and offer a variety of people to meet and greet at our monthly events.

Check back to our website frequently to browse our corporate SPOTLIGHTS, where various industry experts will share their insider secrets, advice on how to break into the industry, favorite hangouts and personal experiences.

Want ideas on where to take your clients to next? Need to plan an activity with your colleagues? Or perhaps you’re interested in tech talk? Our kind contributors from all over Hong Kong keep us ‘in the know’ and feed us FEATURES on FOOD, BEAUTY, INDULGENCES, NETWORKING, STYLE, TECH, TRAVEL, WELLNESS and more.


Manesh Chellaram / CEO
Born in Hong Kong with a degree in Architecture, and seventh generation of one of Hong Kong's oldest trading families. Manesh spotted a gap in the online portal space for the working professional in Hong Kong and created THE EDGE.
Manesh has been living in Hong Kong for the larger part of his life and noticed that with every day lifestyle in Hong Kong, part of living and being out and about town, also involved business. Being an avid business man, Manesh always enjoyed networking and connecting with people at events and wanted to create a way for people to connect online and at Events that he enjoys.
Annie Edwards / Editor

Annie has spent her life growing up between South Korea, Australia and Hong Kong. In the past, her experience in the publishing industry and marketing arena, has helped her to realize that her passions and skills with the written word, were the strongest. Exploring, writing, and seeking out foodie hangouts throughout Toronto, the United States and Asia has brought her back to a world of writing and editing, which she loves the most. Annie is often inspired by a simple stroll down a hidden street or by her next delicious meal. You will often find her diving into research for an upcoming article, spending time with her friends and family, or shamelessly posting selfies and cat pictures via Instagram.

Jackaline Tang / Fashion

Jackaline born in HK but spent most of her life in England, France and Japan.  Whilst having a successful HR career in London where her love affair with Marks & Spencer began.  After having to leave the world of corporate HR due to sickness she created her personal blog www.mandsandthensome.com. Now you can still find her looking for the star picks in Marks & Spencer but also she is a strong believer in supporting local brands as much as possible and an avid vintage lover.  You can probably find her searching all social media channels and magazines to find interesting new designers but also spending time making her rescue Chihuahua a star on Instagram.

Victoria Milner / Food & Drink

Victoria was born in Melbourne, Australia but has followed her heart and stomach to Sydney, London and now Singapore. A love of travel has taken Victoria to over 45 countries, where she has immersed herself in cultures and experiences that most often revolve around food. Since re-locating to Singapore in 2011 Victoria has built a writing portfolio in the food and travel sector and worked with organisations to improve the Singapore travel experience for visitors and locals. A wanderlust for travel and food and a new life in Asia has inspired Victoria’s musings on Singapore Foodie. When she’s not travelling or eating Victoria is busy trying to burn off calories in a half marathon somewhere crazy. You can follow Victoria on twitter or Instagram on @singfoodie

Andrew Scott / Play
Andrew Scott gave up his “real job” as an accountant in private practice to begin a life of playing and winning at casino games. He founded BlackJack Masters, a professional blackjack training school, which he sold 13 years later by which time he was acknowledged as one of the very best blackjack players in the world. Since 2006 he has focused on playing high stakes tournament poker around the world, especially in Asia. This led him to start visiting Macau in 2005, and he moved to Macau permanently in 2010. He is also an accomplished journalist and writer, and a member of the International Federation of Journalists. In 2009 he founded Macau-based World Gaming magazine, Asia’s only gaming-focussed magazine for consumers, and in 2011 World Gaming Consultants, a full-service management consultancy and agency providing a wide range of business services to Asian-facing gaming operators and the companies that service them. Andrew is our resident expert on all things Macau.
Manav Gupta / Tech

Manav Gupta is co-founder & CEO of FabriQate, an award winning international innovative Mobile Technology company. Under Manav's guidance FabriQate has been recognized for numerous awards over the years. Manav was raised around Asia in Thailand, Philipines, Hong Kong with the majority of his life spent in Japan.

Jennifer Sheppard / Wellness

Holistic nutritionist Jennifer is passionate about nutrition and the body’s amazing potential to transform and heal. She focuses on supporting others in their journey to detoxification and transformation through nutritional cleansing.  Since the formation of Downtown Detox in 2008, Jennifer has helped thousands of people from all walks of life change their lifestyles and eating habits.

Arsalan Amdani / Living

With a decade of experience in multiple markets, Hong Kong bred Arsalan Co-Founded the boutique International realtor Platinum Living.  He will bring you insights and tips on property trading and investments domestically and overseas.

Michael Wan / Toys

Michael Wan is a "petrol head" from the UK. His fascination in cars started when he was just a 5 year old child. He loves to indulge in luxury saloons, hot hatches, exotic sports cars and hyper cars. His more recent interest is in classic cars from the 1960's to the 1980's.

Dominique Perregaux / Culture

Based in Hong Kong, Dominique Perregaux is a Swiss gallerist, art dealer and the Chairman of the South Island Cultural District. His gallery, Art Statements, represents since 2003 internationally celebrated artists and deal modern and contemporary Western and Chinese artists.